近年, 愈來愈多家長考慮讓子女赴海外升學,究其原因如下:-







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In recent years, more and more parents are considering allowing their children to go abroad for further studies, the reasons should be as follows:-

1.Comprehensive education system - many overseas schools such as UK, US, Australia, Canada and so on are very concern about education. Comprehensive education system  enables to cultivate good learning atmosphere and strong academic literary atmosphere. Teachers are generally very strong in teaching so as to able to ensure the quality of teaching.  Students generally are able to choose their own subjects to exercise their ability, and to further upgrade themselves.

2.Vision - overseas education generally stresses on practice and self training ability. Apart from lessons, students are also encouraged to gain the experiences beyond the class for further studies and future work, especially for social activities and parties in overseas boarding life, which enables to offer the opportunity to meet people from different countries, to improve the cultural literacy.

3.Exercise independence - Nowadays, many children are growing up under the shelter of parents, Overseas study enables to practice the enhancement of self-care ability, to learn how to get along with people, to deal with the facing difficulties so as to cultivate independence and sense of responsibility for the preparation of future responsibility.

4.Language experience-To master one language in good, the language environment is very important. The unique cultural background and overseas environment is able to help improve better language ability, especially many schools are able to provide for all kinds of comprehensive language courses which is very helpful to enhance language and communication .

5.Multicultural connotation - Foreigners are generally cheerful, warm and friendly. To study abroad allows to learn about the local culture, and to understand students from different countries so as to adapt the foreign life as soon as possible.

6.Preparation for immigration - Adapt the life at overseas at the early stage to pave the way for oneself and parents for immigration afterwards.

To get to know the individual country’s Education and study information, you are welcome to visit our webpage as shown “Education” which displayed individual country/regional information. For individual country/region which showed “>”more information in the said sub categories can be found.





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